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HD SnowblasterTM

Snowblaster HP Fire Hose

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Superior performance and durability withstands the rigorous demands of high pressure snowmaking and winter environments
Specially designed Krakenhammer® End-Protectors for added robustness to prevent accidental damage, such as when clearing off ice during snowmaking
A newly designed more robust inner core produces the highest working pressures of any snowmaking hose on the market today
Available with IDentify® recessed area with reflective 360 degree protection for nighttime snowmaking operations, bar coding and/or identification markings on the coupling
Unique Mertex® lining for low energy, higher effi ciency water flow
Merflex™ technology produces superior flexibility even under extreme winter conditions to temperatures of -65° F (-55° C)
Premium multilayer all synthetic snowmaking hose
Standard with Permatek HP™ treatment against abrasion, UV and moisture pick up

Snowblaster HP Fire Hose
HD SnowblasterTM
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