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Hydratak 600TM

Hydratak 600 Fire Hose


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Designed as a flexible, primary attack, rubber fire hose for municipal firefighting.

Interior attack hose
Decontamination and wash down hose
Marine fire hose
Industrial applications hose

Features and Benefits
Optional Mertex Wayout® couplings
Available with the Identify™ recessed area for color coding, bar coding and/or identification markings
All sizes available in red and yellow, 1¾”/45mm size  also available in blue, orange and green
Maintenance free; just wiped down and return to service
Constructed from specially formulated synthetic nitrile rubber to produce excellent abrasion resistance
Highly resistant to fuels, chemicals, oils, heat & environmental pollutants. Impervious to molds, mildew & other airborne organisms
Carries a Five (5) Year Warranty
With Mertex Wayout® technology couplings, Hydratak™ carries a 2-10-L warranty (“2 year All Hazards”,  “10 year against manufacturing defects” and “Lifetime against delamination”)

Hydratak 600 Fire Hose
Hydratak 600TM
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